About Us


Our mission as an enterprise is to help people and countries to achieve their full potential by managing and developing their visions and projects into reality. We believe in sustainable development and high-tech solutions to meet the changing needs of global demand.

We partner with governments, corporations, communities and individuals in an effort to improve the quality of life of civilians and non-civilians by offering solutions that enhance and protect their lives, livelihoods and property from dangers such as flooding, war and drought.

We provide agricultural know-how globally and we are helping to tackle the growing issue of nutrition in today’s world, competing with population growth and climate change.

We make it easier and safer for people to travel via our roads and highways development division and security management sectors, which help to expand trade and create opportunities. With our high values & ethos we achieve results beyond our clients’ expectations and make positive changes to the communities involved in our projects.

BAZOCO is run by a dedicated team of professionals who have been cherry-picked from some of the most established and accomplished organizations in our areas of expertise. As a result we developed a diverse team with extensive and quality experience in their respective fields.