We believe in modernizing every element of agriculture. The sector still stands huge in most countries and therefore requires special attention from us. At BAZOCO, all sort of equipment and logistical support is provided to customers of all sorts.
Bridges form an integral part of any country's infrastructure, allowing social and economic development and providing mobility and ease of communication to the population.
We bring together the world’s leading architects, developers and organizations who share the creative energy and passion to create great architecture and landmark design anywhere in the world.
BAZOCO’s consultancy approach is to provide excellence in business solutions. We drive hard to understand you and your future, promoting sustainable relationships that blend business and engineering skills.
BAZOCO is involved in providing solutions to all types of inland waterway infrastructure. We are involved in a host of canal restoration and waterway regeneration projects. Our experience spans feasibility and design work on a variety of inland waterway schemes, which often form an integral part of urban regeneration programs.
Whether it's an airport, energy, port, rail, road or water project, at any construction stage, BAZOCO's knowledge and experience of procurement strategy development, procurement delivery and contract administration will ensure that the project delivers on all its commitments and creates real value for clients.
In the field of logistics and construction - development, planning and design are perhaps the most crucial elements of any project. These form the foundation of any projects success or failure. At BAZOCO, we take our work very seriously, which is why we have a dedicated panel of experts striving day and night to produce a solid structure and timeline for the execution of any project.
In recent years, demand for oil and oil related products in Afghanistan has been at an all time high. BAZOCO strives to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Strict quality control and safety measures are applied to the process of shipping, loading and discharging of petroleum products.
BAZOCO has in-depth experience in all aspects of geotechnical engineering, geology and geomorphology. We work hand in hand with our clients, and other customers, internal and external stakeholders to deliver geotechnical solutions.
BACOCO’s principal concern is health and safety whether it is internal business, government departments or local authorities. Our health and safety measures span across infrastructure projects, operating businesses and systems.
We have extensive experience in the design and construction of highway projects and are able to provide detailed advice on the development of highway management strategies.
BAZOCO provides a range of logistical services including planning, acquisition and movement of goods and people across the world. We are committed to timely delivery of products and services that maintain the utmost attention to detail.
Effective use of energy sources and related infrastructure is crucial in the global drive to promote and implement sustainability. BAZOCO stands at the forefront of hydro-electric power, providing planning, design and construction management services to both private and public sector developers.
BAZOCO is increasing its involvement and funding projects through Public Private Partnerships (PPP).
These form the few basic elements of construction, which can never be ignored. Security services and installations are there to guarantee an environment that is safe. And at BAZOCO we well understand the need of safety for our clients’ customers.
At BAZOCO, sustainable development is something which we have been working on with progressive clients for decades. We think, design, and build sustainably, such that it seems a natural way of doing things.
BAZOCO assists in the construction and implementation of telecommunication towers up to a height of 60m. This is based on the equipment and resources BAZOCO has.
BAZOCO is one of the world's leading transport planning consultancies. We strive to provide innovative solutions to multi-faceted issues. We provide comprehensive, integrated and innovative transport planning advice to public and private clients over a range of skill areas.
BAZOCO provides clients with complete service, from concept to procurement and supervision for activities such as hard rock and soft ground tunnels, step-plate junctions, portals and openings and the like.
Urban drainage systems sometimes referred to as sustainable urban drainage systems are an effort to replicate natural systems that use cost effective solutions with low environmental impact to drain away dirty and surface water run-off. BAZOCO is well equipped to provide you with all the necessary support to build these systems.
BAZOCO’s technically diverse team supplies full range of expertise for planning, management, inspection, analysis, design, and construction management of waterfront and irrigation projects. We have expertise in infrastructure development, such as transportation, power supply and structural engineering, to help link the waterfront with the hinterland and inland facilities.
The construction of dams, whether small, medium, or large, requires thorough planning. Dams could be built for water conservation or helping aid hydro-electric power, which is why many factors during construction need to be taken into consideration – at BAZOCO the whole process is handled with extreme care.