About Al Hooti Construction L.L.C

al-hootiAl Hooti Construction L.L.C., conceived in the year1994, is an international engineering and construction contractor bearing a vast experience in particular sectors of construction and rehabilitation. Al Hooti produces solutions that make sure both the project and the client’s properties are secured. In addition, creating job opportunities, and developing communities with the highest quality is Al Hooti’s mission.

Al Hooti was conceived originally in 1994, through the establishment of Al Hooti Construction LLC in the United Arab Emirates.

Our management team began planning and developing towers of multi use purpose throughout the United Arab Emirates, with turnover exceeding 65 million USD per year within 7 years of trading.

Following the war in Afghanistan, and primarily since 2005, the Al Hooti management team paid particular attention to the development of infrastructures and projects throughout the country. We are proud supporters of the ongoing visions of the people of Afghanistan and the international foundations, including the United Nations, U.S Military and other governmental and non-governmental organizations, that are investing heavily into the stabilization and redevelopment of the country.

Al Hooti aims to maximize the benefits of international investments to help people and communities achieve a higher quality of life for themselves and future generations. The company has provided relief from disaster, thousands of homes, bridges for people to travel over, tunnels for people to travel under, brought water and energy to communities that were without, hospitals where before there were non and schools and universities to the people.