Kabul Central Blood Bank

on Tuesday, 25 September 2012. Posted in General News, Contracts Awarded

Bazoco Group has been awarded a new project of constructing Kabul Central Blood Bank. Afghan government has once again chosen AL Hooti construction LLC, a Bazoco Group subsidiary, for construction of Kabul Central Blood Bank. Funded by France through Afghan Ministry of Public Health, this project is valued at one million US dollars. Kabul blood bank in capital of Afghanistan is the first ISO certified building beside medical services.

Construction of Kabul Central Blood Bank was inaugurated on Tuesday 7th August 2012. The Inauguration ceremony was a huge success for Bazoco Group; Afghan Minister of Public Health Dr. SURAYA DALIL, French Ambassador Mr. M. Jean de PONTON d’AMECOURT, foreign Diplomats and Afghan delegations of both chambers were among special guests. The ceremony was opened with speeches from the Afghan Minister of Public Health and the French ambassador and ended by a representative of AHCC Mr. Monir Ahmad Mojadedi.

The construction of single story Kabul Central Blood Bank will be completed in 18 months. Winning high profile projects such as this, shows capability of AL Hooti construction LLC in building and road construction. AL Hooti construction LLC has developed a strong team and expertise to competently manage high value projects in construction.


Afghan Minister of Public Health Madam Soraya Dalil

French Ambassador

Invitee / Guests.

French ambassador

Mr. Sayed Ali Kazemi
Delegation from Afghan National Assembly

Eng. Monir Ahmad Mojadedi – General Manager – AL Hooti

From right to left Faridoon Hakimi,CEO. Mr. Najeebullah, Finance officer. Monir Ahamd Mojadedi,General Manager and Mr. Ahmad Sardar, Procurement officer.

Al Hooti Staff on the Job Site.